About Us

Mindful Leadership Consulting’s mission is straightforward: We develop Mindful Leaders who are self-aware and agile, who focus on building effective relationships, achieving sustainable performance and driving long-term business results.

We provide customized executive coaching and coaching supervision programs to mid-sized companies and Fortune 100-500 US and global organizations, consistently delivering value to hundreds of executives, managers, and their teams. Our programs are designed to build upon our client’s existing leadership development infrastructure, with the goal of enhancing and complementing the processes and procedures already in place.

Our programs enable executives and managers to lead others in a way that is bold, purposeful, and meaningful. We assist leaders in developing the personal and interpersonal skills they need to build effective relationships, strengthen leadership capabilities, and influence others to action. The result is a positive impact on your company’s business results. Our coaching programs will:

  • Build leadership bench strength
  • Enhance leadership presence
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Develop skills to manage change and transition
  • Ensure success in a new role
  • Foster a climate of continuous learning
  • Develop personal mastery and sustained performance 

Process and Approach

Our Mindful Leadership Executive Coaching Framework™, which has been adopted by several corporations for their own executive coaching programs, is the foundation for our Executive, Team, and Group Coaching Programs. Our high-impact offerings produce observable, successful behavior change aligned with your organization’s business objectives. Our Mindful Leadership lens focuses on Attention and Presence with Self, Others and the System, the path to leadership mastery. Through our rigorous FACS™ Coaching Model, we provide the Feedback, Accountability, Challenge and Support that fosters success for managers and executives, in their current roles and their next-level leadership positions.

Situations and Solutions

Our Executive Coaching programs positively impact individuals and organizations in the following areas:

    • Next-level leadership
    • Succession Development
    • High-potential development
    • Assimilation into a new role
    • Performance management
    • Leadership skill building
    • Cross-cultural competence

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