Announcing a Coaching Supervision Group Experience

Elevate your Coaching to the Next Level through Reflective Practice

Essential questions coaches need to ask themselves:

How are you continuing your development as a coach?

What questions do you have about your coaching practice?

How do you enhance your coach well-being and build resilience as you work with your clients and their organizations in today’s disruptive environment?

How are you maintaining the highest quality coaching work and managing your ethical challenges and questions around boundaries?

How are you reflecting and learning about your self as a coach, about your relationships with clients, and about the enterprises/systems in which you work?

Please join Ken Giglio for an experience of reflection and learning that will elevate your coaching practice.

Coaching Supervision Group facilitated by Ken Giglio, Principal of Mindful Leadership Consulting

What: Supervision is a reflective, collaborative dialogue with a qualified and accredited Supervisor, one-on-one or in a group, focusing on the coach/mentor/supervisor’s practice. The purpose of supervision is 3-fold:

1. To further develop skills and competence,

2. To provide support for coach well-being and resilience,

3. To strengthen self-awareness on professional standards and ethics, and consider systemic aspects and stakeholders – European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), adapted definition

Supervision is NOT about reviewing case studies or about analyzing cases. Supervision is NOT therapy, but it is psychological in the same way as coaching is psychological in that it includes exploration and reflection on past patterns in the present to create the future. Supervision is NOT coaching a coach to achieve goals; it is reflective practice to harvest insights to take back to our coaching practices to enhance our work

Group Supervision differs from one-on-one supervision in that it involves a cohesive group of coaches (supervisees) who are willing to intentionally collaborate to create a dynamic, interpersonal supervision experience for the benefit of all in the group. In the reflective supervision group environment, when one individual learns from presenting a coaching situation and/or case, all in the group learn.

When: Two-hour monthly meetings for six months, beginning the week of November 9th, 2020, 6:30 – 8:30pm ET (Timeframes to be further determined, and potentially adjusted, around the configuration of the group’s international time zone representations.)

How: Ken’s approach to supervision is eclectic and creative. The group will have the needed structure and process to provide for the functions of supervision—development, resilience building, ethical maturity—and a framework for reflective practice. The framework is his Tri-Lens Coaching Supervision Model™, a way for coaches to reflect on their relationship with themselves, with their clients, and with the systems in which the coaching work is happening.

Who: Coaches who have completed a coaching certification program and who have at least five years of coaching experience to draw on for reflection. Internal and external coaches are welcome.

Note: Individual Supervision is available for those coaches interested in a more focused, personalized, and in-depth reflection experience.

If you interested in participating in a rich learning experience, please click here to reach out to Mindful Leadership to set up a 30 minute Zoom conversation with Ken.