Six-Month Executive Coaching Programs
Customized programs employing our Mindful Leadership Executive Coaching Framework and including the following components:
• Assessments, including 360° feedback (interview-based or online versions depending on the program) to identify leadership development needs
• Coordination with key stakeholders, including managers and HR
• Evaluation of business/leadership challenges and opportunities and analysis of organization culture
• Creation and implementation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
• Integrated coaching targeting observable outcomes and follow up
• Individual coaching: two sessions (in-person or phone) per month for three to six months, with additional support as needed
• Measurement of behavior change, sustainable practice and a post-program follow up meeting

We also offer Three-Month Executive Coaching Programs.

Momentum Coaching Programs
Short-term programs (two – six meetings) structured to provide a jumpstart and momentum for the development of managers and leaders. Successfully delivered as a stand-alone development option or in support of broader leadership initiatives.  Core components:
• Customized 360° feedback tool (cost dependent on tool chosen) and debrief to identify two to three development goals
• Development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) based on the 360 data
• Targeted coaching to leverage strengths and address development opportunities, linked to organization/ business goals
• Specific strategies (activities and practices) for changing behavior to increase effectiveness, e.g., Continue Doing; Start Doing; Stop Doing

Peer Group Coaching
Five progressive two-hour group sessions led by an executive coach with the addition of one 30-minute introductory meeting with the coach to gather background info and two one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions for each participant; six participants in each group. Customized and successfully delivered as stand-alone development options for high-potential leaders or as part of broader leadership initiatives:
• Executive Coach enables participants to coach each other using the organization’s coaching/communication and feedback models, leadership style (from Social Style assessment tool) and other key leadership skills
• Interim work encouraging practice of competency-based behaviors in current projects and daily roles, planned coaching conversations and optional eLearning
• One-on-one coaching sessions for each participant will support competency and IDP application
• Peer coaching partners assigned to support each other’s ongoing development beyond group coaching

Team Facilitation & Coaching
Customized, structured, five-phase program geared toward developing high-performing, aligned management teams grounded in awareness and laser focused on delivering business results:
1. Orientation/Initial Outcomes & Measures/Discovery
2. Review of Team Themes and Preparation for Retreat
3. Offsite, One-Day Retreat
4. Two Team Development Sessions
5. Follow-Up Offsite, One-Day Retreat

Coaching Conversations and Practices for Leaders
Customized programs are designed to build coaching skills and practices for leaders in all situations, grounded in the studies showing that the best leaders are skilled at providing coaching and feedback. Program can be especially effective for internal HR and L&D managers, who are responsible for supporting business leaders and teams in talent development. Components of the program include workshops, action learning using real-time situations, peer coaching and supervision over a three- to six-month period.

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