Ken Giglio

Ken Giglio is Principal of Mindful Leadership Consulting, a global leadership consulting and executive coaching firm with more than 130 coaches and coach supervisors partnering with top organizations globally. He is a highly experienced executive coach, consultant, and coach supervisor and leads his team in developing mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work. Prior to founding Mindful Leadership, Ken spent many years in the corporate world and co-founded the learning division responsible for the executive coaching and leadership development programs for a global financial brokerage firm.


Ken is passionate about the importance of establishing a mindful reflective practice for the leaders he coaches as well as the coaches he supervises. Through reflective practice, leaders and coaches increase self-awareness and agility in the moment and foster the courage to confront and shift the self-limiting mindsets and behaviors that undermine personal, team, and organizational effectiveness.


Ken’s commitment to the quality and integrity of coaching work and coaching field led him to develop the Tri-Lens Coaching Supervision Model™. This model creates a framework and space for coaches to reflect on their work through three lenses: self as coach; relationship with client; and relationship with the system.


Ken is a Master Corporate Executive Coach and an accredited Coach Supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy. He is also a member of CSA’s International Faculty, contributing as a presenter, mentor, and supervisor for CSA North America program. Additionally, Ken is a member of EMCC International’s Coaching Supervision workgroup, which is responsible for EMCC’s Supervision Standards.

Direction of Operations and Talent

Christine Bacher

Christine is an experienced leadership development and client services professional, with more than 20 years of experience in management and leadership roles. She is dedicated to and passionate about personal and professional development. Christine excels at building strong relationships with clients and colleagues and leads Mindful Leadership’s talent and overall business operations. A certified coach herself, Christine understands the foundation of a strong coaching and leadership development program. She works closely with both our coaches and clients to ensure our coaching and leadership development programs are designed and delivered at the highest level of quality and with the greatest impact.

Our Coaches

Our global team of coaches and supervisors have completed highly acclaimed training and certification programs. They are deeply experienced in leading and working in fast-paced and complex business environments as well as expert and versatile in coaching at the individual, team, and systemic levels. They are continuously learning and sharpening their skills by attending ongoing supervision provided by Mindful Leadership.

This is a sampling of our coaches

Trish Anastos

Trish partners with business executives and teams to identify meaningful goals, and develops plans specifically focused to shift behaviors that lead to personal and organizational success. She creates trust-based relationships with clients by combining curiosity and regard for people with her refreshing style and sense of humor. Clients recognize the value of Trish’s corporate experience and successful track record of building strong client relationships. She helps executives on-board into new positions as they expand their scope of responsibility, develop teams, build relationships, and cultivate a personal brand of executive presence. Team coaching and facilitation on purpose and collaboration is also part of her offering.

Sahar Azarabadi

Sahar is devoted to helping organizations, leaders, and high-performance teams work together more effectively and skillfully. Her focus is on the growth and development of professionals to cultivate long-term excellence in performance including strategy, productivity, and communication. Sahar’s intent in coaching clients is to help leaders flourish by identifying and expressing their unique contribution to the world. Today’s business environment is demanding and rapidly changing. There is more responsibility and pressure to achieve results quickly and at a lower cost with limited resources. Most leaders have limited opportunity to devote time and energy to their own development. A developmental approach to coaching shifts the way the client makes meaning of and engages with the world, which can open up new possibilities for relationship, vision, strategy, and execution.

Patrick Briody

Patrick is a certified executive coach and certified mindfulness teacher who brings a wealth of experience from 25 years as a technology executive on Wall Street and many years as a dedicated student of the mindfulness-awareness practice. Through his executive roles, and through teaching and coaching, Patrick has worked with hundreds of individuals, supporting them in developing skills to better recognize and understand the familiar patterns of thought and behavior that can get in the way of effective and lasting change. Patrick’s work with senior executives has enabled his clients to achieve higher quality work with their teams, act as strong influencers in their organizations, champion important initiatives that need more attention, build better rapport with peers, and become more effective with clear, concise and direct communication with senior management of their organizations.

Deb Denis

Deb is an executive coach, facilitator and organizational consultant known for impact and results. Deb recognizes that results matter.  With a background firmly rooted in HR, IT, and Financial Services, she works with clients to measure results in areas related to retention of top performers, transformational behavioral change, engagement, presence, presentation, risk and decision-making, and persuasive interpersonal communication. Deb’s experience includes working with C-suite Executives and their teams, business owners, and service professionals from around the globe.

Jackie Radford

Jackie is an executive coach and leadership consultant with a broad range of experience in coaching executives and management teams to next-level effectiveness and performance aligned with organizational and business goals. Her work is focused on shifting mindsets and behaviors to become more effective in areas such as increasing emotional intelligence, strategic agility, influencing skills, team development and leadership, and time management and organization skills. Jackie’s holistic approach provides clients with an opportunity to broaden their perspectives, explore practical choices, move to action, release old stories and patterns that give way to new possibilities, practices, and sustainable change, and ultimately more self-awareness and personal satisfaction.

Frank Faeth

Frank partners with clients to turn powerful personal, and interpersonal, insights into positive action that advances their careers, and the strategy of their organizations. He guides clients through a dynamic discovery process that enables them to identify, and intensify their strengths, and recognize and overcome barriers. He provides a supportive environment for clients to practice pushing beyond current patterns, and to shift their mindsets and behaviors, all the while engaging them in meaningful conversations and planning, so goals are reached. Frank held a wide variety of senior roles in his business career, ranging from head of strategy for the consumer bank to head of marketing and strategy for the private bank at JPMorgan Chase to the director for global technology architecture at Marsh & McLennan, before joining MasterCard as SVP for technology. He has undergone targeted training in executive coaching. Combining his business background with his executive coaching experience, Frank facilitates professional breakthroughs for executives at all levels. He partners with clients to turn personal insights into positive action that propels them on their path to greater effectiveness. He leverages proven assessments to guide clients through a dynamic discovery process that enables them to identify and leverage their strengths and to break behaviors that are holding them back.

Kathryn Mayer

Kathryn has a proven, 20-year track-record of coaching business professionals and guiding companies through transformative change. She takes a multi-disciplinary approach to coach drawing from her expertise in business, leadership development, cognitive psychology, sports psychology, and theatrical techniques. Kathryn’s specialty is to provide strategic and skills-based coaching and team building to high-potential leaders and C-suite executives, with a unique focus on ambitious women who want to thrive in senior management positions in highly competitive industries. She has worked with a broad base of clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the emerging markets in financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, engineering, technology, and professional services/consulting.

Barrett McBride

Barrett is a seasoned executive leadership coach and organizational development consultant. With more than 20 years of experience coaching and consulting, she helps senior leaders and leadership teams create compelling results through transformational change. She has developed and administered executive leadership coaching programs for client organizations and worked with individual clients and teams on improving climate, culture change, strategic planning, and change management.

Melanie Menard

Melanie is an experienced executive coach dedicated to supporting leaders and teams in becoming the best version of themselves.  She focuses on helping her clients become fully aware of their strengths and connect with their inner resources to navigate complex situations and organizations, achieve successful outcomes, and reach higher performance goals.  When working with her clients, she leverages her 12+ years of successful High-Tech Sales & Marketing experience, with a track record for building strategies and teams in a multi-cultural environment and developing high-growth revenue streams from scratch. Melanie’s coaching practice is focused on empowering leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs by leveraging their inner skills and supporting them on their transformation journey. Melanie’s coaching results in increased efficiency, better productivity, and more balance as her clients develop into better leaders.

Ann Parks

Ann is a former Fortune 500 senior executive who applies her blue-chip business background to coach leaders and senior managers on how to perform to their highest potential. Ann believes that business professionals can leverage their natural talents and personality for success by using principles of clear communication, effective collaboration, enhanced relationships, active listening, and compassionate leadership.

Ann began her career as an Institutional Fixed Income sales person and for more than ten years specialized in selling high-grade debt for Merrill Lynch. Her passion for developing talent led her to a subsequent career leading the Learning and Development (L&D) divisions of JPMorgan, Citigroup, and Lehman Brothers. She understands the challenges of heading geographically dispersed teams, managing complex technologies and systems, merging divisions, managing budgets, and motivating staff to be highly effective. Her experience with downsizing, restructuring, and creating merger synergies has enabled her to develop a keen insight into change management practices.  As a result, she now works extensively with leaders who are implementing change initiatives.  An additional area of expertise for Ann is coaching high-potential women in highly competitive industries. She brings a unique perspective to these assignments due to her own previous success and familiarity with issues that affect women in the workplace.

Ather Williams

Ather is an executive coach who has mentored and coached professionals including first line managers, global corporate staff, and senior executives within the Supply Chain organization, as well as executives with multi-country responsibilities. In addition, he has coached in a major corporation Diversity program, working with their High Performer/High Potential minority and multicultural executives. Ather’s career spans 41 years at Johnson & Johnson. During the first 26 years of his career, he led the transformation of a major manufacturing location into a reliable manufacturing facility by improving labor relations, increasing productivity, reducing unit cost, improving quality and focusing on employee health & safety improvements. As the Vice President of Supply Chain for a major division and member of the Management Board, he directed the efforts of over 1000 employees in multiple company-owned plants and contract manufacturing facilities. He authored the strategic plan that resulted in a 400% increase in capacity, an 85% reduction in changeover time and a substantial reduction in the Cost of Goods Sold. As the Worldwide Vice President of Health & Safety and Corporate Department Head, he was responsible for leading the global network in health and safety professionals and for developing programs to eliminate injuries and illness. As a result, the company achieved global status as one of the top five safest and healthiest corporations in the world. He was selected as one of the 50 Most Influential Environment, Health & Safety Leaders having the most impact on Environmental Health and Safety in the past decade.

Stephen Sheehy

Stephen Sheehy is a seasoned executive coach and team and organizational development consultant with 25 years of experience helping leaders and organizations to achieve their fullest potential. Stephen has held key Human Resources leadership roles in a variety of industries. He brings a unique blend of business experience, leadership development expertise, and a solid understanding of what it takes to be successful in today’s organizations to his coaching. Stephen is recognized for his integrity, commitment to excellence, and ability to deliver results.