Our coaching and leadership development programs are customized and designed to meet our clients’ needs, and are based on the following service categories:

Shifts a leader’s mindset and behaviors through increased self-awareness and connection to others and the enterprise. Develops leadership and learning agility to anticipate future organizational and business needs. A partnership providing challenge and support to explore new ways of operating and engaging with others.

Cultivates collaboration within the group and the broader system building an effective, high-performing team. Examines team structure to discover and develop right design and work processes. Leverages collective knowledge and skills which support and challenge the team to operate as a sum greater than its parts.

Collaborative learning fosters collaborative leadership. Group programs leverage peer relationships to accelerate and deepen learning agility. Cross-functional environment encourages risk-taking, collaboration, and feedback and coaching. Peer leaders share insights and experiences to collectively develop their leadership skills and network.

Reflective practice for coaches to elevate all aspects of their client work from skill building to presence to systemic thinking. Collaborative conversations in individual and group formats developing competence, confidence, connection, creativity, and compassion within a safe and challenging environment.

Mindful Spot Coaching© conversations are designed to quickly shift a leader’s thinking and behaviors to have real-time impact on their work, their relationships, and the business. In 30-minute focused conversations, change is generated using a mix of self-awareness, reality testing, and action planning.

Jumpstart development for leaders poised for advancement and for organizations seeking targeted coaching. Shorter-term, personalized programs designed to lift performance and accelerate growth. Offers affordable development for individuals and teams.

A collaborative space for leaders to step back and reflect on their work, which fosters mindfulness, insight, and clarity of purpose. An opportunity for the integration of all aspects of leadership, career, and life from intuition to execution. A learning journey for exploring the relationship and systemic dynamics within business environments.