The Leader Round Table

from Mindful Leadership

How can organizations thrive in a post-Covid world?

The Leader Round Table is a group-based, scalable, and customizable employee engagement solution focused equally on cultivating well-being, fostering meaningful connection, and facilitating learning and development.

Cultivate Well-Being

Participants in The Leader Round Table benefit from giving and receiving support and coaching in a safe environment as they resolve pressing challenges in real time.

Foster Meaningful Connection

The opportunity to discuss and reflect on experiences with a trusted group of peers helps ease isolation, break down silos, and accelerate communication, while creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Facilitate Learning & Development

Round Tables create sustained support for learning, change, and managerial effectiveness. Participants gain new insights as they design and discuss actions and choices, reflect on results, and generate new understanding that drives performance.


…to engaging people is a post-Covid world is igniting their innate curiosity and passion for learning.

The reality of organizational life today is that people are feeling tired and burnt out. Most are craving meaningful connection, a shared sense of purpose in their work, and appreciation for their contributions.

But the ways organizations have traditionally met these needs (bonuses, perks, etc.) have become insufficient in the face of today’s challenges. The Leader Round Table helps close this gap.

How Leader Round Tables Work

Small groups of peer leaders engage in thoughtful, impactful conversations about the challenges, choices, and opportunities they face in their organization:

  • Workforce engagement in the post-Covid environment
  • Navigating organizational change and business disruption
  • Creating inclusive, equitable, and diverse cultures

Round Table coaches draw from decades of experience in learning and performance. Our group coaching approach prioritizes reflection, choice, action, and accountability. It combines the impact of 1:1 coaching with the opportunity to reflect on and learn through others’ experiences, share ideas and information, and collaboratively solve problems and challenges.