Executives live with complexity and rely on their thinking skills, decisions, and actions to drive organizational and business goals. In their fast-paced world, leaders need the space to step back and reflect on their work. Mindful reflection is paying attention with awareness and presence in the moment on the past, the current situation, and future possibilities with openness and curiosity.

Mindful Reflection Practice allows for the integration of all aspects of a leader’s role, career, and life. It’s a co-created learning journey, with an honest sounding board, to align the executive’s purpose and intention with meaningful actions.

What is the value of Mindful Reflection?

Provides collaborative space for honest reflection on the leader’s day-to-day and strategic work

Increases self-awareness and ability to notice blind-spots, self-limiting mindsets, and biases

Fosters mindful, courageous inquiry and learning/unlearning about who you are and how you lead

Expands the capacity to see the big picture and system dynamics with the organization and business

Deepens insight into stakeholder relationships to more closely connect emotionally and intellectually

Increases executives’ trust in themselves and their capacity to be both courageous and vulnerable

Enhances ability to lead through uncertainty in an everchanging business environments

Our mission is to develop mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work.

The Tri-Lens Mindful Reflection Model©

shifts the focus of the reflective dialogue with the leader between three lenses to evoke attention and presence:


Self as Leader

With Others:

Leaders in relationships with all stakeholders

With the System(s):

Relationships with Culture/Enterprise | Global Markets/Ecosystem

Our team of coach supervisors are certified through internationally accredited coaching supervision training programs tailored for highly experienced leadership coaches. These practitioners are experienced working in complex corporate environments and are attuned to the relational and systemic challenges coaches face in their work with corporate leaders and teams.

We are committed to the ongoing support and development of our coach partners and to ongoing quality control for our corporate clients who entrust us with the development of their leaders. To that end, our firm provides coaching supervision for all Mindful Leadership coaches.