Momentum Coaching jumpstarts development for leaders poised for advancement. These short-term, targeted coaching programs are designed to focus on development, accelerate growth, and lift performance. Leaders increase their awareness, confidence, and the capacity to lead others in increasingly complex and challenging business environments.

Our customized Momentum Coaching programs develop mindful leaders at all levels and support team and group coaching programs.

Key outcomes include:

  • Increase awareness and insight of self, others, and the system
  • Build core leadership presence to listen attentively and communicate powerfully
  • Develop strategies to leverage strengths and address gaps to tap full potential
  • Identify stretch growth goals linked to key organization and business outcomes
  • Enhance capacity for mindful reflection, continuous learning, and focused action
  • Develop relationship capabilities and build skills such as conflict management, strategic thinking, team development and influencing others

Our mission is to develop mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work.

Our Process & Approach

Our Momentum Coaching programs accelerate learning and growth and result in successful, observable behavior changes. Our approach highlights strengths and addresses performance gaps to enhance leadership.

Momentum Coaching begins with gathering stakeholder feedback. Based on this data, a detailed, behavioral development plan is created with specific activities and practices to lift the leader’s performance and advance business goals.

Our coaching focus is on the next-level leadership skills needed to inspire and engage others and to drive the organization’s strategy. Coaching conversations are tailored to increase emotional, collaborative, and systems intelligence leading to shifts in thinking and more effective action. Momentum Coaching Programs are two to six sessions customized based on leadership and organizational needs.


Our global team of highly experienced coaches link leadership to an organization’s strategic business objectives. They understand team dynamics and take a systemic approach to their work and have held leadership positions and led high-performing teams in diverse business environments. Our coaches have attained broad expertise through extensive training and numerous certifications. They engage in continuous learning to sharpen their skills and attend ongoing supervision.