Collaborative learning fosters collaborative leadership, a critical need in a complex business world. Peer Group Coaching leverages peer relationships to accelerate and deepen learning agility. The cross-functional group environment fosters networking, enterprise thinking, and collective learning while building feedback and coaching skills. Peer leaders share experiences and insights, and take risks in support of each other’s development.

We provide customized Peer Group Coaching programs to develop mindful leaders at all levels, particularly high-potentials.

Key program outcomes include:

  • Expand leadership skills to enhance network relationships up, down, and across
  • Increase the ability to think in more complex, systemic, and interdependent ways
  • Link coaching conversations with key organization and business goals
  • Broaden and deepen awareness of self, others, and the enterprise culture
  • Foster shared responsibility for continuous learning at the individual and group levels
  • Enhance capacity for mindful reflection and focused action
  • Increase the capability to give and receive skilled feedback and coaching

Our mission is to develop mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work.

Our Process & Approach

We coach peer groups as dynamic learning alliances within a larger organizational system. Our approach enhances individual, collective, and systemic leadership.

Peer Group Coaching begins with setting the context and conditions for safe, transparent dialogue. Peers identify and agree on individual and group learning goals within the framework of their next-level leadership and business needs.

The group focuses on learning agility, providing real-time feedback to each other and experimenting with new behaviors under the guidance of the lead coach. Reflective dialogue elevates emotional, collaborative, and systems intelligence within the group, shifting thinking and leading to effective action.

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Our global team of highly experienced coaches link leadership to an organization’s strategic business objectives. They understand team dynamics and take a systemic approach to their work and have held leadership positions and led high-performing teams in diverse business environments. Our coaches have attained broad expertise through extensive training and numerous certifications, including specialties in team coaching. They engage in continuous learning to sharpen their skills and attend ongoing supervision.