High-performing teams provide the focus, creativity, and expertise that drive exceptional business results. In a complex, constantly changing environment, senior teams and teams at all levels need a compelling purpose and a collaborative culture. Effective teams can accomplish meaningful work together as a sum greater than their parts. Excellent teamwork benefits team members, the enterprise, and all stakeholders.

We provide customized team coaching to develop high-performing teams at every stage of the team life cycle.

The key areas to increasing team effectiveness and accelerating performance are:

  • Create the right team design, interdependencies, and collaborative work processes
  • Establish team norms – open dialogue, effective communication, and conflict management
  • Focus on strategic imperatives and decision making
  • Build enterprise connections with other teams and stakeholders
  • Reflect on team dynamic to enhance agility, resilience, and proactivity
  • Plan for ongoing team learning and leadership development

Our mission is to develop mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work.

Our Process & Approach

We coach teams as dynamic, evolving units within a larger organizational system. This systemic approach increases team performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

Team Coaching begins with assessing the team to determine its level of effectiveness. The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) provides an extensively researched model and data to help the team understand its strengths and level of effectiveness in meeting the needs of its key stakeholders.

Our team coaching process starts with data analysis and concludes with impact measures and self-sustaining development practices to elevate team performance. Our coaching provides feedback on collaborative work processes and reinforces norms, in support of the organization’s goals. In addition to team coaching sessions, team leaders will receive one-on-one coaching.

Team Coaching workflow

Our global team of highly experienced coaches link leadership to an organization’s strategic business objectives. They understand team dynamics and take a systemic approach to their work and have held leadership positions and led high-performing teams in diverse business environments. Our coaches have attained broad expertise through extensive training and numerous certifications, including specialties in team coaching. They engage in continuous learning to sharpen their skills and attend ongoing supervision.