Coaching is a conversation centered around development, performance, and goal attainment. Mindful Spot Coaching© conversations are designed to quickly shift a leader’s thinking and behaviors to have real-time impact on their work, their relationships, and the business. In 30-minute focused conversations, change is generated using a mix of self-awareness, reality testing, and action planning.

Mindful Spot Coaching© was developed for managers to accelerate their performance and build a foundation for continuous learning and development. This practical coaching approach is also for managers to use themselves with their direct reports to quickly tap and maximize employee potential and performance.

Key outcomes for managers and employees:

  • Increase mindful awareness and insight of self, others, and the system
  • Allow fast focus on the coaching opportunity and/or challenge
  • Generate quick performance gains and boost confidence
  • Build specific, actionable plans to address business and work-related issues
  • Develop core coaching skills leading to a coaching culture
  • Enhance capacity for mindful reflection and continuous learning

Our mission is to develop mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work.

Our Process & Approach

Mindful Spot Coaching© begins with connecting and relating, by paying attention and being present with a blend of deep listening and thoughtful questioning to understand the desired change.

With the coaching goal established, it is essential for the coach to challenge thinking and test reality against the client’s self-stories. This evokes their best ideas, leading to quick shifts in thinking and immediate changes in behavior and performance. In 30-minutes or less, the coaching conversation can move rapidly from awareness to clarity to action.

Obstacles to change are also examined, and accountability and measures are built in. Finally, specific practices for reflection are agreed on to sustain the learning journey.


Our global team of highly experienced coaches link leadership to an organization’s strategic business objectives. They are skilled in quickly building coaching relationships, assessing coaching needs, and collaboratively planning for impactful change. Our coaches have attained broad expertise through extensive training and numerous certifications. They engage in continuous learning to sharpen their skills and attend ongoing supervision.