The Journey Begins

At the beginning of any journey, it’s impossible to know how it will go or how it will end. We can, however, start with an intention, purpose, and direction. We can chart a course and mark on a map the trails and terrain we wish to travel, and then, as the poet, Rumi, observed, “as you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

The Mindful Leadership Blog begins here and now.

The purpose of this blog is connected to the purpose and the mission of our corporate coaching and leadership consulting firm Mindful Leadership Consulting. We develop mindful leaders to be attentive and present within themselves, with others, and with the systems in which they work. The core questions that return us to a centered, aware, and embodied space from which we can look through the three lenses are: What am I noticing? What am I sensing in my body and my surroundings?

Attention and Presence with Self, Others, and System, our Tri-Lens Reflection Model is Mindful Leadership’s signature contribution to the leadership and coaching fields. The model centers and guides how we show up as “mindful” practitioners with clients and how we deliver all our firm’s offerings.

Our core values will provide an underpinning for this blog, key among these:

  • Self-awareness and Mindful Reflection are the cornerstones of leadership
  • Practice and application are essential to learning and growth
  • Providing the highest quality service to clients (our commitment to the quality and integrity of our coaching work is exemplified by our requirement for all Mindful Leadership coaches to be in supervision.)

The blog’s content will cover leadership and all it encompasses in business environments and mission-driven endeavors. We view leadership as an activity anyone can be involved in, not a position. These means a perspective beyond the notion of the individual hero/heroine leader to include a focus on team and group leadership and coaching.

We’ll approach all topics with curiosity and inquiry, and present ideas and potential solutions. Leadership qualities will be explored such as vision, courage, perseverance, agility, and mindfulness, and practical behaviors and competencies will be examined and detailed such as strategic thinking, empowerment, influencing, and collaborating across the enterprise.

The focus will be on learning, because, as John F. Kennedy observed, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” We also know that learning only happens as a result of reflecting on, and in, our experiences. We’ll leverage experiences and stories from our coaching work as well as weave into our posts evidence-based practices, relevant theory, and the latest research in social psychology and neuroscience. Our goal is to stretch and challenge the ways we think and act to awaken new insights and practices that will best serve ourselves, our relationships, and organizations.

Connected and integrated with our relational and systemic approach to topics, will be time talking about what we see as the hardest work we’ll ever do, that is work on ourselves. As the leadership guru, Warren Bennis, points out, “becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.”

We invite our readership to be continuous learners at their core from all walks of leadership life and from all leadership levels – from senior executives to managers. Those who support and challenges leaders will also be our audience — coaches (executive, team, group, career), coach supervisors, and mentors.

As Principal of Mindful Leadership, I will be the primary voice for this blog. (We will also bring in guest bloggers from time to time.) I have over 20 years of experience in the coaching field as a certified executive coach and more recently as a certified coach supervisor. Prior to founding Mindful Leadership, I had over two decades of experience in the leadership positions in financial services.

As Principal of our firm, I have extensive experience leading a successful global business and a global network team of over 130 practitioners on six continents. As the lead coach and coach supervisor, I work directly with executives, teams, and organizations, as well as with coaches. I will weave into the blogs’ content the arch of my professional experiences, along with some personal anecdotes.

In corporations as a manager and as a consultant and coach, I have experienced the worst and best of leadership from boss leaders who are using their positional power to degrade and humiliate their people to true visionary and mindful leaders who evoke potential and excellence in others. People will follow these women and men up and down a mountain, because as leaders they inspire and motivate others with a clear purpose and direction—we know which trails to take and why—and they create safety to take risks along the way. People know these leaders care about them and that their work has meaning and value.

Leadership is a human story. It has shaped our world history, at times guiding people and nations toward a collective, life-sustaining vision, and at times sowing discord and racing us toward the brink of disaster. So, leadership matters to us individually, within our teams and communities, and in our organizations and the wider world.

We look forward to taking our first few steps on this blogging journey with you as we set off walking on a trail to see where it leads.

How you can engage and become involved with Mindful Leadership:

We are in the feedback business, so please let us know what you think—send comments and questions, insights, and suggestions. And let us know what resonates and what doesn’t.